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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Perfect Quesadilla

We are always in the market for a quick, easy and good for on the go.  It seems we always have 1000 things going on and I am pulled in all directions.  But a day does not go by without a laugh, for example the littlest one just walked in dressed in a tee shirt and a backpack announcing, "It is free dress day and I am going bottomless!"  It is 8 at night and she is going no where but to bed.  She was just yanking on the oldest's chain when he asked a question she thought was ridiculous.  She is a tiny ball of fire with a quick wit and has just discovered jokes, ugh.  If I hear one more bunny joke...She finally moved on to other animals:  What does a polar bear eat?  Ice burgers [sic] (icebergs)

This recipe from America's Test Kitchen is an all time favorite:

Quesadilla Any Way You Like It
from America's Test Kitchen

2 flour tortilla's
cheese ( your favorite)(ours very sharp cheddar or jarlsberg)

~ heat a large cast iron skillet high heat until very hot and one medium size as well
~ turn heat down to medium
~ place tortilla then cheese then other tortilla on large hot skillet
~ place medium on top of tortilla sandwich
~ in about 3 minutes remove top skillet and flip tortilla/quesadilla and place medium skillet back on top
~ in another 3 minutes remove and check for doneness and melted cheese
~ adjust to preferred crispness 
~ remove from skillet and cut with pizza cutter

you can spicy it up with chicken, vegetables...brie with mangos...anything you can dream up

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