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Saturday, November 20, 2010

French Fries Nuked and Baked

Rain, rain come this way please....  We love the rain and rush outside at the first drop dressed in galoshes and shorts.  Perfect for those rainy days...fries by the fire.

The most awesome chopper.  Unfortunately, most stores not longer carry it but a poor imitation.

Large Steak Fries Baked Not Fried
from ME

mix of red and russet organic potatoes (whatever you need/like)  Leave the skin on
olive oil

~ preheat oven 500
~ grease baking sheets with a small amount of olive oil
~ place baking sheets in oven
~ cut fries
~ soak fries to pull out starch 
~ dry fries (I use my salad spinner)
~ toss fries with a bit of olive oil about 1T or 2T and 1t or more garlic powder (adjust to your taste)
~ microwave on baked potato mode (1,2 or 3 depending on amount, but less is more)
~ put fries on hot baking sheet, single layer
~ bake about 20 minutes
~ flip fries once for browning
~ perfect fries: soft on the inside and crispy outside

If you have more time and don't do things at the last minute like can skip micro and just bake forever or it just seems that way.

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