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Friday, November 26, 2010

Cashew Sorbet

We had the most amazing sorbet in the bay area, Scream SorbetPacojet, pacojet, I want a pacojet! That is my scream after I found out and researched just how they made this incredible sorbet.  Well, my money tree is bare (they cost over $2,000 used and $4000 new)  and they are loud, but oh so awesome.  In the meantime, I will experiment and here is my latest.

Those in our family who can eat nuts went nuts over the Scream Sorbet nut sorbets.  I thought recreating those sorbets would be impossible until I attended a cooking demonstration at Native Foods.  Tanya, the chef and owner, explained how she used soaked cashews in the place of heavy cream.  Humm, I thought this might work for sorbet so I gave it a try with mixed results, learning curve...  Mine tasted a bit grainy so the recipe below is how I will make it next time.  I ground the nuts in the liquid, not recommended.

Cashew Sorbet
from Me

2 cups dry roasted and toasted cashews
water to cover

~ put cashews in bowl and add enough water to cover for 4 to 8 hours
~ drain cashews

2 cups soaked and drained cashews
1 cup simple syrup
2 cups filtered water
1T lemon juice
1T vodka

~ grind cashews in processor until smooth
~ blend in syrup, water, lemon juice and vodka
~ churn in ice cream machine according to manufactures instructions
~ filter through cheese cloth
~ churn in ice cream machine according to manufactures instructions

We topped ours with home made caramel sauce and toasted nuts.

coming up...left over cranberries into sorbet

bleech, I really don't like Thanksgiving Turkey.

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  1. Love that all of your sorbets include vodka! This looks great and dairy free to boot!


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