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Sunday, November 21, 2010

and this is why I have a food blog....

This is a spice muffin I made last week.  I thought I got the recipe from The Fannie Farm Baking Book but, apparently I did not since there is nothing remotely like it in that cookbook.  I dove into all the books I had out and have yet to figure out where in the world the recipe came from.  Deja vu: Fabulous corn bread recipe scrumptious everyone gobbled it up and requested I make it again.  One problem, I can not find the book with the recipe.  I did note on the recipe page just how much we enjoyed the corn bread...lot of good that does us now.  So when I have nothing to do...rarely...I grab a pile of books and search the index's looking for the elusive corn bread recipe and now spice muffin...This is why I have a blog.  It is an easy and visual way to keep track of my recipes and notes.  buggers!

more pictures of the mysterious muffins

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