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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Key Lime Sorbet

Packs a puckering punch!  Like The Little Red Hen, I picked the limes.  Made the simple syrup.  Squeezed out the juice. This sorbet was mine.  I ate it and enjoyed every tart drop.  Perfection in an icy lump.

from this

Key Lime Sorbet
an adapted version of
Lemon Sorbetto
from The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato & Sorbetto

Simple Syrup
makes 1 1/3 cups

1 cup of filtered water
1 cup sugar

~Combine water and sugar in medium saucepan
~ heat on medium high heat
~ whisk and bring to a boil
~ reduce heat to medium 
~ continue to whisk and simmer 4 minutes until sugar is dissolved
~ remove from heat and cool
~ place in a Pyrex and refrigerate at least 1 hour

An easy recipe to double or triple

Key Lime Sorbet

3/4 cup key lime juice (adjust for tartness or lack of)
1 recipe of simple syrup
1T key lime zest
splash of vodka
~ whisk all ingredients together
~ make according to ice cream makers instructions

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