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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cheese Fondue

"Fondue, fondue I want fondue for my birthday dinner", cries my youngest.  How did this happen?  Every birthday dinner is now fondue and jousting fondue forks.  

It just so happens, I recently purchased Marianne Haltenbach's Cooking in Switzerland.  Gingham fabric covers this unique book and the previous owner has commented on many of the recipes.  For example,  Strubli, "This really tastes great!", Wine Toast, "heavenly..." and this one threw me off for a moment...Kid Ragout, "Good for company" until I made the connection of goat and kid.  My favorite cookbooks contain comments and adjustments made by previous owners.

Perfect crispy skinned roasted potatoes: preheat oven 400- wash and dry potatoes - place in clean plastic bag (from produce section of grocery store), add enough oil (a tablespoon or two) to coat and sprinkle with garlic powder and shake, shake , shake and bake.  I use my toaster oven.

Grated cheese
My fondue pot is enameled cast iron.



Happy Birthday!

Cheese Fondue
from Marianne Haltenbach's Cooking in Switzerland

items to dip: bread, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, bread, potato, apple, pears...
12oz grated Gruyere cheese
12oz grated Emmentaler cheese
1 garlic clove
1 1/3 cup dry white wine
3t cornstarch
2T kirsch or vodka
freshly ground pepper
freshly ground nutmeg

~ prepare dipping items first
~ rub heavy saucepan or like me use fondue pot with the split garlic clove
~ dissolved the cornstarch in the kirsch or vodka
~ put the cheese and wine into the pan and very slowly bring to a boil STIR CONSTANTLY
~ it will take a very very very long time - the cheese will melt, clump and melt - just keep stirring
~ when the cheese is completely melted add the cornstarch mixture and stir vigourously
~ continue to cook
~ season with pepper and nutmeg to taste
~ place mixture into fondue pot or if cooked in fondue pot place on a heated burner set to low heat

Here is the link for the book on amazon...

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