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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fish en Croute or Fish in Puff Pastry

Every time I walk into my kitchen I look at my new gleaming refrigerator with disdain. I hate hate hate my refrigerator. It's a french door with bottom freeze and an ice maker that takes an inordinate amount of refrigerator space.  The shelf arrangement lacks function and the freezer is a mosh pit.  Worst of all it screeches out when the doors are not properly closed due to the fact the doors must be pushed to close not just a gentle swing like my previous side by side.  This leads me to Fish en Croute.  I need room in the freeze it is getting hot and time to make sorbet.  Sliding open the freeze I scan the items for a complete meal, wild salmon, Trader Joe's puff pastry, Haricots verts and mushrooms from the fridge.  That should make a minor dent and allow for one sorbet.

Next a recipe, first I was going for a glazed salmon; however, two salmon pieces and five people don't add up.  Ah memories of summers in Paris scrumptious croissants, I've got it Fish en Croute.  Now you would think with nine Julia Child's cookbooks, just as many Jacques Pepin and several Wolfgang Puck I would have not troubles, but I did.  I started with Julia then continued with Puck and on to Pepin with no luck, ugh.  I started to scan other books and still nothing until I peered at the top shelve, for oversize books, oh joy!   There sat snuggled between Cakebake Cellars and Cookwise...Childs.  Which was odd since I do not shelve my books in abc order.  Finally I found the recipe I was looking for in Julia Childs and Company.

The kids went crazy over this dish and put it in the birthday dinner repertoire.

Fish en Croute
from Julia Childs
Julia Childs and Company

2 large pieces of wild salmon
salt and pepper
4 springs of organic italian parsley
2 large springs of organic dill
1 sheet of Trader Joe's puff pastry
egg glaze (one egg whisk in 1t water)

~ preheat oven 400 (I used convection)
~ roll out puff pastry to 1/8 inch on floured surface
~ cut pastry in to two equal parts with pizza cutter
~ position one piece of fish on each half
~ sprinkle fish with salt and pepper
~ top with parsley and dill
~ wrap puff pasty around fish (here you can get creative like Julia and make it a fish, me a basic square with scrolling sides)
~ brush with egg glaze
~ place wrapped fish on greased baking sheet
~ bake 17 minutes or until golden brown with fish internal temperature 160-165

~~ with the extra puff pastry I made cheese sticks
~ roll out to 1/8 inch thickness/thinness
~ brush with egg wash
~ shred sharp cheddar cheese and sprinkle on top
~ cut into strips with pizza slicer
~ place on greased baking sheet
~ bake 375 (convection) 8 minutes or until golden

happy tummies and smiling happy faces

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