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Saturday, November 24, 2012

How To Light A BBQ Without Lighter Fluid

So, I decided this year I would smoke my turkey.  After all we all love smoked turkey sandwiches and this would be perfect.  I had my fabulous brickets from Trader Joes, applewood, and some brown bags all ready to go  I crumbed the bags put the brickets on top stuck the match and almost died from smoke inhalation!  In fact I though my neighbors might call 911 with all of the billowing of white smoke!

Damn! half hour later still no luck but I smelled like a smoked turkey! What to do as I was getting furious and frustrated....go to the internet

It is just this easy -- load three napkins with canola or some other oil and place in the BBQ and surround with brickets - light a match.  I put the napkins in three areas and BOOM I was ready to go finally. BTW don't use paper towels they did not work.
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