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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I hate washing dishes!

I really hate washing dishes.  I refuse to buy anymore dish, pots and pans that are not dishwasher safe; no matter how beautiful or spectaculary awesome they are.  My ankle bares the scars of the chain that connects me to the sink full of dishes.  I paid my youngest $3 to do the dishes the other day and glee filled my heart.  The sink is full again, so I need to open my pocket book to lure the littlest dishwasher back to the sink, so I can begin dinner only to fill the sink up again.  oh, when will someone invent self cleaning dishes...

Tonight I hope to finally post and catch up since I am finish editing Li Po poetry essay, watching a bridge being built from manila folders, driving in 20 different directions, attending award ceremonies, and most important resolving the fight over the pink convertible tights...ah life is good...but I still have a sink full of dishes, honor band, dance performances, water day and book club (yeah!!!)


  1. I don't mind washing dishes, I just almost never make the time to do them. It's horrible. My kitchen is in constant state of disarray...I can't even DREAM about how to design a kitchen that would help me keep my kitchen orderly and clean. The only logical thing I can think of is that I need a kitchen apprentice (hello children! Come help mommy) I need someone to stay in the kitchen with me at all times, follow me around and clean things up after I'm done. I have a feeling it is going to cost me more than $3.00 though.

  2. Me too! Thankfully my oldest two children are now old enough to wash dishes! They alternate 6 nights a week, and my husband and I have the 7th night. When my husband is deployed, that's takeout night! Although, I'd rather wash dishes than mop the floor...


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