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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Corn Salad with Black Beans and Tomatoes

Everyday we wander around our garden and we are greeted by bunches of bright green tomatoes, anticipation!  We are on the cusp of garden greatness with many varieties of the juicy fruit.  So we sit and wait and watch.  In the meantime, we enjoy organic tomatoes from Trader Joe's.  This cheery salad can be a refreshing accompaniment to any summer meal.


Corn Salad with Black Beans and Tomatoes
from American's Test Kitchen
Family Cookbook

4T extra virgin olive oil
2T lime juice
1T red wine vinegar
1 jalapeno seeded and minced
1 garlic clove minced
1/2t cumin
1/4t sea salt
1/4t freshly ground pepper

~ combined all ingredients in a tall glass and whisk 

1 package frozen sweet organic corn
1 pint organic sweet cherry tomatoes
1 15.5oz can organic black beans drained and rinsed
6 scallions sliced thin
3T minced cilantro
salt and pepper to taste

~ heat cast iron skillet high heat
~ add the frozen corn and cook until slightly blackened
~ remove from heat and put in large bowl
~ add other salad ingredients to corn
~ add dressing and toss
~ season with salt and pepper

from our garden: cilantro and scallions

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