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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dehydrated Peaches

A day of rest and catching up after two weeks of non-stopping fun filled, exhausting, kid fueled activities...aahhh.  Stepping back prior to the craziness, I had my moment of zen in the form of dried peaches.

Our cup (bowl) runith over unfortunately, they don't just pop open into perfect halves like apricots.  So the juice ran down my hands, swirled around my arms and sprayed my counter.  Next time I will device a better way.

 Another helpful hint I forgotten, cut everything the same size.  Impossible!  I am not that persnickety.  Although it makes timing that much easier, oh well live life and don't let odd sized peaches muddle your day.

Dehydrated Peaches

4 cups of water with the juice of one lemon squeezed into it

~ pit and cut peaches into equal size portions (is that even possible?)
~ place peaches into water solution - this is suppose to stop discoloration (works ok and is easy enough)
~ drain peaches
~ place on drier leaving space for air flow
~ dry in dehydrator on dried fruit setting (120-140 degrees)
~ should take 6-20 hours (mine took 18 hours)

storage: I place mine in a freezer zip lock bag in the freeze.  I should have used my plastic bag air sucking device (brain fart can't remember name...that is what kids do to you), but I was too too lazy and the easy way is just fine.

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