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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hamburger Buns

There is nothing like a great hamburger.  A little organic beef, salt and pepper the perfect combination as they say keep it simple sweetheart.  I made my pan-seared burgers . But to make the ultimate burger, I needed a great bun.  A few years ago I purchased Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Bread.  Previous owned and with the most awesome hand written notations, so I decided to go with his bun recipe.  

Fast easy and wonderful best describes these buns.  The perfect marriage of hamburger and bun.

The Hamburger Bun
from Bernard Clayton's
New Complete Book Of Bread

5+ cups of bread flour
2 packages of dry yeast

2T margarine
2 cups hot water (120-130 degrees)
3/4T sea salt 

~ mix 2 cups flour and yeast in mixing bowl and stir to blend
~ cut margarine into small pieces and beat in to flour mixture 3 minutes
~ add hot water and beat with flat beater
~ add the salt
~ continue beating until dough is like a smooth batter
~ add 1/2 cup of flour at a time until dough has formed a rough shaggy mass
~ switch to dough hook and knead for 6 to 8 minutes
~ sprinkle a bit of flour if the dough sticks to the sides (do not overload - dough should be a bit wet and form a nice window when finished)
~ place dough in oiled warmed bowl (I used a metal bowl I filled and emptied with hot water)
~ cover with plastic  wrap and put in a warm place (80 to 100 degrees) for 30-40 minutes
~ turn dough out on to a floured surface
~ cut into 10 to 12 pieces
~ shape into balls pulling dough down  to create a smooth top
~ place dough balls on corn meal baking sheet ( I used parchment too)
~ cover with dish towel for 30 minutes or until soft and puffy
~ preheat oven 400 degrees
~ bake 20 minutes or until nicely browned
~ cool on rack

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