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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sushi Vegetable Rolls

I taught them and put them to work.  I have three little sushi makers.  We just have to work on rice quantities and a tighter roll.  Sushi making is a fun family activity

asparagus from our garden

cut avocado and put in lemon water and it won't brown

carrots for crunch

 cucumber great alone

step one

step two

Vegetable Sushi
from Us

sushi rice just google how to make easy ~ rice, water, rice vinegar, sugar and salt
1 avocado
5 asparagus 
1 orgainic cucumber
2 organic carrots
5T toasted sesame seeds
10 or more toasted seaweed sushi nori
low sodium soy sauce

this is a must have - bamboo sushi mat

~ cover the mat with plastic wrap
~ place nori on mat
~ cover nori with rice
~ sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds
~ place vegetables in a line
~ tuck and roll tightly
~ cut with sharp knife

from our garden: asparagus

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