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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Iceberg Wedges with Low Fat Blue Cheese Dressing

I am a huge fan of blue cheese, of course I adore iceberg wedge salads; however, I can do without all of the fat so I played around with this recipe originally on Food and Wine to bring the calories down with tasty results.

The addition of home grown tomatoes pushes the taste over the top.

Iceberg Wedges with Low Fat Blue Cheese Dressing
Food And Wine Magazine
by Tom Douglas

    1/2 cup crumbled Roquefort cheese
    1/3 cup non fat European style yogurt
    1/3 cup low fat mayonnaise
    1/8 +/- cup fresh lemon juice
    2 scallions, minced
    1/2 teaspoon chopped thyme
    1 tablespoon chopped flat-leaf parsley
    milk to adjust smoothness and taste of dressing
    Salt and freshly ground pepper
    4 wedges of iceberg lettuce (1 heads)
    3 tomatoes

  1. In a bowl, using the back of a fork, lightly mash the Roquefort with the sour cream and mayonnaise
  2. Stir in the lemon juice, scallions, thyme and 1 teaspoons of the chopped parsley
  3. Season the blue-cheese dressing with salt and pepper and add milk to adjust smoothness, texture and richness of dressing
  4. Set the lettuce wedges on a platter
  5. Spoon a generous amount of the blue-cheese dressing over each lettuce wedge
  6.  Top with the sliced tomatoes and the remaining chopped parsley


  1. Thank you for this low-fat version of the Iceberg Wedge Salad! It is one of my favorite salads to order when dining out. The photo of your low-fat version honestly looks better than any I have ever had. And trhink of the calorie savings! Thanks again, Allen.

  2. Great lighter version of this classic. Such a simple recipe but so delicious that we order it a lot in restaurants.

  3. I love iceberg wedge salads, thanks for the low fat version!

  4. I love this salad. Your lighter dressing sounds delicious.


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