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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

mid June garden

So much for global warming, we had the most wonderfully cool June until the last week and we waved good-bye to daytime temps below 100.  Due to the cool temps (upper 80's) everything took so long to ripen.  Finally, we have figs and horrid humidity.  We look to the gray cloudy sky only to see the rain clouds blow away leaving us high and dry.  We thirst for a wild desert thunderstorm.

little watermelon


corn and squash

newest addition limequat

my favorite plums

more plums




hot and spicy peppers

jujubes I have no idea when to pick them or eat them

Mexican Bird of Paradise

cardoon Gobbo di Nizzia

 Thai red roselle and molten fire amaranth

tarahumra popping sorghum


still developing as well Asian Pears, eggplant and passion fruit
ripe and ready tomatoes 


  1. Wow! What a garden! Such a variety. I think the weather has been crazy all over the world this year!

  2. Lovely garden. It has been so hot here not much is surviving in our garden. You are lucky it has been so nice there.

  3. Oh, I'm so envious!!! We should be so lucky! Our growing season is so short here in Calgary,CA. Enjoy all of that bounty! Beautiful photots. The recipes for apricot gelato and apple pie look so yummy too. How glorious it must be to be able to create dishes right from your own garden.


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