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Monday, September 20, 2010

Plum Sorbet

"Mom can you make me sorbet?" yells out my youngest.  Grinning I reply sure what flavor would you like as I looked over the nearly deceased fruit. We have pears, plums, grapes, banana, and apples.  A perplexed look crosses her face and we decide plum.

The last time I made sorbet I hit the hare trigger switch on my blender and everything went flying into the air.  watermelon sorbet on the walls, on the window, all over my gelato maker, my mixer...New rule unplug the blender before the lid comes off!

Quickly, we threw everything in that evil blender.  We had only 20 minutes until we needed to hop into the car and head to dance.

Plum Sorbet 

5 very large plums
1/2 c sugar
couple squirts agave
2T lemon juice
1T vodka
~ Put plums in blender and puree 
~ Add  sugar and agave blend on-off until fully dissolved
~ Mix in lemon juice and vodka
~ Chill or put directly into ice cream maker

 This was deemed a make again.

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