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Friday, April 27, 2012

Grilled Salmon with Mustard Sauce

 School pick up, home to change for dance classes { pull salmon out of freeze and put in cold water}, leave for dance class, gossip with other moms, return home, make rice{salmon perfectly defrosted}, throw together dinner in less then half an hour, book club {glass of wine} - phone call from husband telling me dinner was one of the best.

Grilled Salmon with Mustard Sauce

dinner in 15 minutes!
by Jamie Samford

4 (6 ounce) wild caught salmon fillets, with skin

salt and pepper

1/2 cream

1/4 cup dijon mustard

freshly grated horseradish to taste 

  1. Heat cast iron grated/grill pan medium high heat
  2. Spray pan with a bit of oil
  3. Salt and pepper salmon
  4. Place salmon in pan skin side down
  5. Turning once until crisp on the outside and just barely cooked though about 8 minutes
  6. Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine cream, mustard and horseradish - season with salt and pepper
  7. Spoon sauce over salmon and serve
fabulous day two as well


  1. I've been craving salmon lately, I'll definitely have to try this recipe! Following your blog now :)

  2. That mustard sauce sounds amazing! I love salmon. Great looking recipe!


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