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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Candy Coated Licorice from Trader Joe's

Childhood memories always are bigger and better.  Case in point Disneyland, as a child the place was huge and as an adult one wonders, "Did it shrink?  Wasn't the drop on the Pirates of the Caribbean enormous?"  Good N Plenty fall into the same category.  I loved them.  The crunchy outer layer and the soft glorious licorice interior.  Which color to eat first?  We loved to shake the box and make train sounds like the old commercials.  I decided to indulge a few months ago, unfortunately.   Bleech, they must have reformulated my favorite candy.  Sadness filled my heart and mouth.

Yesterday as I enjoyed my child free shopping at Trader Joe's, I spied this colorful box on the "what's new" shelf.  I had to have them and to my utter delight they are perfection in a box.  Buy them, enjoy them and let's hope they don't discontinue them.

My youngest, "Ewww, licorice!  I hate licorice", but could not resist the temptation of candy and she too fell in love with the perfect crunch and soft sweet center.

Can you eat just one?


  1. A while back I was in Ireland and visited the street I live on when I was very young and was shocked at how short a distance what I use to think was a very long walk. I have to check this out at TJ's

  2. Just another reason why I want to live near a TJ's!

  3. Ohhhh! This is a blast from my past! I hope they have these at my Trader Joe's! : )

  4. It is amazing how much smaller things are as an adult! I LOVED Good-n-Plenty as a child! Unfortunately, I don't live near a trader Joes...

  5. These are delicious and 99 cents a box! I am stockpiling in fear that they will be discontinued at some point. LOL.


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